Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Shame of Menswear Fashion Week MWFW

I am reposting this article in an attempt to make everyone aware of how corrupt this woman is and why no one should align with Menswear Fashion Week MWFW in Second Life.


REALLY Lexie Jansma? Really? You want to tell people that your MWFW contest for the "Face of Menswear Fashion Week" was not rigged last year and that I only tossed a fit about it because my boyfriend did not win? REALLY? Is that what you call professional ethic?

First you DID rig this contest last year as was made public and proven on the spot at the contest in front of everyone who attended. You were notified and every judge was notified both in IM and local chat that an error had been made when you posted only the last 2 sentences of an answer that a contestant gave in the on stage question and answer section of your contest. REPEATEDLY Silvano Korobase and I contacted you only to be ignored... I went down the line of judges when you refused to answer me, and wrote every single judge there asking them to please stop the contest and go back and present the correct answer that the contestant had given. Did you? No. -- Did any of the judges do the right thing and allow this contestant the same fair opportunity that was given to the others? No. -- So how can you claim that this was not rigged?

I was just given a complete copy of your chat logs trying to cover your butt and lay your shame aside by name dropping names of Lindens and SL designers who have worked years to build ethical reputations in SL -- and who do not know of how you cheated those men last year who worked so long and so many weeks to get themselves into your rigged contest.

It is disgusting that you tried to ignore it at the contest when you were contacted and made aware of what you did wrong ON THE SPOT before the contest was even finished. Now you attack me and lie about me saying;

[19:32] Lexie Jansma: Everything went fine last year. Infact all of our designers did really well. If you would like to speak to Takuya Jinn of Gabriel or Giz Seorn of Gizza Creations...or any number of designers who have worked with us repeatedly I am sure you would be able to draw your own conclusion from it instead of listening to one persons opinion based on one event that he is upset that his boyfriend did not when.
[19:32] Lexie Jansma: win not when

REALLY? Were these designers present for the contest when you rigged it? Did they wittness first
hand how you cheated everyone there? Let me redirect your ignorance back to the focus.... YOU CHEATED AND RIGGED A CONTEST !!! You were notified. You were given EVERY chance to right a wrong and now you want to take it to this level and say this? Really? REALLY? Ok. Well I have contacted a few of the designers you listed in your letter along with this lie you just wrote about me... and now I will contact every deisgner and sponsor of your event and let them know exactly what went down and how you have handled it and how you continue to handle yourself unethically. You are the worst of the worst -- layering lies and misdirection. It is a shame that you rigged your contest. It is a shame that you ignored several pleas to right your wrong. It is a shame you tried to cover it up, and now it is a worse shame that you dare to say that this is a reaction based on my boyfirend not winning. Well guess what -- Silvano did not deserve to win. LOL... but the man who did deserve to win got 1st runner up.  See? I am not angery because Silvano did not win. I AM upset that you lie, cheat, and rig your contests... and now I am even more upset that you are laying your shame on the countless unsuspecting designers in Second Life who have worked YEARS to build their reputations.

 Lexie, YOU wrote;

[19:37] Lexie Jansma: House of London, Dura, [sYs], Akeruka, Halcali, Cheerno, EMOtions, Jarythe's Barber Shop, Aplendeurs, Vaya Con Dios, Faster Pussycat, Machookas Toritire Clothiers, Starchild Designs,  Belleza, Ravensoul, Havok, Birth, Mea Culpa,  Epicosity, Gabriel, Gizza Creations, Vero Modero, Evolve, Razorblade Jacket, Shiki, Zanzo PeKaS, Amacci
[19:37] Lexie Jansma: and that is a small portion
[19:38] Lexie Jansma: of people we work with
[19:38] Lexie Jansma: we already have 50 designers on board this year.

and when you were asked;

[19:39] (name omitted upon request): As I said i would like to do my own research into the matter. And also i would like the names of judges of the competition from last year as i would like to get a full story from everyone as to what happend before i make a decision weather or not i would like to participate in this event or not. You'll have to forgive me if i seem to be wanting alot, But the opinion of my friends does mean alot to me.

you answered;

[19:41] Lexie Jansma: I am sorry, I will not provide that information.  I will say that one of the judges was a Linden and I doubt that they would participate in anything that was fixed or not judged fairly.

I am please that this person was then smart enough to give this repsonse to you;

[19:43] (name omitted upon request): If you cannot provide me that information then I cannot participate. I do appologize but that is the process i go through with any and all contests or fashion events that I participate in. I have to make deicsions based on what is best for my image and meets to my standards of ethics. And the Lindens are people as well. And it has been well known that not all of those that are Lindens are exactly fair indivudials.


Lexie, I said it publicly last year at your event when the person was GIVEN a title they did not EARN and I will say it again to YOU and every one of the judges who were present because I contacted them all myself and made each and every one of them aware of what went wrong and not one of you did the right thing. SHAME ON YOU !!!

Now I will contact ever designer you mentioned (most are very dear friends) and let them know exactly what went down and the risks they are taking by aligning their good earned reputations with filth like you.

There is nothing you can do at this point that would right this wrong. You cheated every contestant last year, you cheated every deisgner last year, you cheated yourself, the judges, and every single person invloved when you willingly made the choice to not do the right thing. I think at this point an apology to everyone is in order -- but knowing you now I am guessing you are probably above admitting that you did wrong... and trying to right this horrible train wreck of a mess YOU created. You just seem to dig yourself into a hole deeper and deeper. Lexie, save some face here... The right thing to do at this point is SAY you are sorry, issue a public apology for not doing the right thing last year, admit your wrong doing and learn and grow from all of this. Make this coming year better. DON'T lie about people and say "He is mad because his boyfriend didn't win". This is a lie and not about that at all and I am disgusted you would try and throw this back at me like that. CLEARLY Silvano missed his marks twice last year and did not deserve to win. So do not try and drag my name into your mess like this. YOU were told, YOU knew, YOU chose to take this in the direction you took it in. I only hope to bring a spotlight on this and show others exactly what is truth here. Lexie, for once, do the right thing.