Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ruca Tease - A Play On Fabric

RUCA TEASE - A Play On Fabric

This season's Ruca Tease collection for men reinterprets the classic patterns of men's fabrics with a touch of irony, emphasising volume, for example; classic knitted ribbed trim-works, in a range of dolomite-inspired colours, like the incredible blue, browns, grey and reds. This exciting look is also expressed in the sensual zipper found on the iconic 'Dezi' sweaters.  Bonedea and Roscko Cobalt, of RUCA TEASE, are in the process of releasing a new mesh collection today. Gentlemen, these staples to your wardrobe are more than must haves, they are relevant to the direction Second Life fashion is heading. This collection is like watching fine theatre -- a play on fabric. I decided to offer you some nourishment for your fashion soul and share with you some of my favorites for the current collection of Ruca Tease.

(touch pictures to enlarge for coloring and detail)

Ruca Tease is releasing this new sweater today. The 'DEZI' is an absolute must-have for you winter wardrobe this year. It is mesh and comes in 5 sizes with a full perm alpha layer, so you are sure to find that perfect custom fit. Quietly elegant and effortlessly cool, this Zip Up Sweater raises the bar on everyday indispensables. Ribbed trimwork is found at the cuffs, collar and sleeves. Available in Blue, Brown, Grey and Red. Slim, straight cut, versatile and polished will make you want to grab all four.


Ruca Tease - Men's Mesh Dog Tag and Long Sleeve Shirts
(touch pictures to enlarge for coloring and detail)
The minimalism of the new Men's Mesh Dog Tag and Long Sleeve Shirts offers a simple, clean cut appearance, and comes with a HUD that allows you to change this one shirt into a variety of 7 different shirts that offer a wide body of color and fabric ranges.


Ruca Tease - Mesh Jeans. The PERFECT pair of jean. Ruca has released their new Mesh jeans and let me tell you the textures in amazing. Quality is the name of the game now in Second Life's fashion world and to maintain a level of excellence Ruca Tease reinvented this new mesh jean. It comes in a wide variety of sizes and styles including Boot Cut, Normal Fit and Tight fit.


Gentlemen, hurry to Ruca Tease today and grab the entire collection for yourself !!!

Sweater: Ruca Tease - DEZI - Men's Mesh Zip Up Sweater
Jeans: Ruca Tease - Mesh Jeans (Tight fit)
Hair: NSD Hair Co. - Ash (Noir)
Hair: Cheerno [MAX] - Dark 3.ON
Footwear: B&T - Mesh 'Indian Runner' Biker Boots
Jewlery: Chop Zuey Couture Jewelry - Men's Silver & Diamons Stud Earrings,
and the Dauphine Men's Wedding Band