Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ruca Tease - Mens Mesh Short Sleeve Leather Shirt

Ruca Tease - Men's Mesh Short Sleeve Leather Shirt
'Completey Floored and Breathless'
NEW Release 12-5-12

The one you've been waiting for is finally here. This exciting new men's mesh short sleeve leather shirt is one of the best shirts I have seen in SL in a very long time. Roscko Cobalt of Ruca Tease created this shirt and had told me about it a few weeks ago. Words just did not justify the actual garment, because when I tried it on and saw the quality of the textures my jaw dropped. As you can see the shirt in close-up view, it offers you exquisite details such as the ribbed knit collar to the diamond-quilted leathers. The detail of textures even on the buttons are simply stunning. A true artist, Roscko spared no expense in crafting this fine masterpiece.

The men's mesh short sleeve leather shirt comes with many features including 5 Standard Sizes of mesh shirts to help you achieve that perfect custom couture fit, a *NEW* Style HUD that offers 7 different shirt style colors, the alpha layers are also included, and of course the highly detailed texures as you can see. You won't find a better designed hand crafted piece in SL. A must have for your winter wardrobe.

Completely floored, this shirt will leave you breathless. Hurry Gentlemen to Ruca Tease and grab this one for youself today !!! ONE shirt -- One HUD -- 7 different choices of style colors. WOW what and awesome deal !!! 
(Touch photo's to enlarge for style color detail)
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