Friday, December 7, 2012

Ruca Tease - Fedro Mens Mesh Trench

Ruca Tease - Fredo Men's Mesh Trench
A Day At The Henge

That there were giants in the olden time
These stones cry out; whether before the Flood
(As some have dreamt) in earth's majestic prime,
The sons of Tubal piled up here sublime
What ever since in mystery hath stood
A miracle; or whether Merlin's rhyme,
Or patriarchal Druids, with their brood
Of swarming Celts uprear'd them,-- here they stand
In Titan strength stupendous, wonderful,
The great primæval glory of our land:
And -- who can tell how stained with innocent blood
This Golgotha, this place of many a skull,
Is peopled now with terrors of the past,
Poor ghosts, that howl on every driving blast?
~ Martin Farquhar Tupper

I wandered upon the ruins of an old henge tucked far away in the lands beyond the boarders of Ruca Tease... the wind brisk and cold. I was thankful for the new trench coat I had found while shopping at Ruca Tease before I left to explore today. Gorgeous sunlight beamed radiant down upon a henge. The sense of ancient times filled this place as if some hidden ley line lay beneath it begging for a release of it's magical powers. I breathed it all in, basking in the solace of this long forgotten relam, and was thankful that my friend Bonadea sent me to find time alone. Bonadea had given me two wonderful things this day -- the magical adventure of exploring and finding this henge, and this handsome men's trench coat she made (for sale starting today at Ruca Tease).
The Fredo Men's Trench Coat hit's the floor today for sale at Ruca Tease -- and putting this coat on for the first time will make you feel ready for anything the cold weather will hand you. The Fredo will give you confidence as everyone gives you admiring glances for being dressed so well. Expertly crafted with handmade textures -- Bonadea Cobalt of Ruca Tease has created a classic coat that you can use with any combination of styles or designs. Richly warm sensuous brushed leather surrounds you in a very "GQ" style. This texture is beyond breathtaking. Zoom in on it when you get yours and you will see that there is no better design artist who can out texture the Cobalt's of Ruca Tease. This coat is simply flawless and if you have a trench in your invnetory already I dare you to compare. You will throw away your older trench coats and peacoats to have this one. Hands down, it is the best I have seen since I have been in Second Life. The richly textured coat features a classic eight-button front with a wide lifted collar, notch cut lapel, full high-dressed sleeve cuffs, and side pockets. The reverse of the coat offers a classic tided back belt.
Gentlemen hurry to Ruca Tease NOW to find this and so many more of their *NEW* collection releases. You will not find a better trench in SL. Ruca Tease -- One stop shopping that will make you look your very best at very affordable prices.
Trench Coat: Ruca Tease - Fredo Men's Mesh Trench
Shirt, Pants & Leg Bandana: Ruca Tease - Men's 'Rusty' Outfit
Skin: Prodigal - 'Bud' - Medium Buzz Shaved
Eyes: Expressive Eyes - Green 2
Hair: LoQ - Radiant MO3 Midnight
Hairbase: No.07 - Army Black (no longer available)
Eyewear: SZD - Sunglasses (Black)
Earrings: Chop Zuey Couture Jewelry - The Templar Cross of Fate and Courage
Earrings: Rozoregalia - Nornir (Unisex) Pierced 2
Necklace: Gabriel - Men's 'Crest' Necklace (Black)
Ring: Chop Zuey Couture Jewlery - Appache Fire Men's Ring
Ring: Chop Zuey Couture Jewlery - The Templar Cross of Fate and Courage
Ring: Rozoregalia - Rosenkavalier Men's Ring
Footwear: Gizza - 'Faust' Men's Boots