Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Modern Vintage Tribute

Modern Vintage by Hethwen Resident (Heth Vertaus)

After visiting the Second Life 'Black Event' sponsored by Fab Free and nearly buying up the lot, I decided to piece together a tribute ensemble that was inspired by several RL 2012 Spring fashion shows that I saw this year. Many RL designers paid homage to times where fashion was more than a mere reach-in-the-closet and grab... rather, these RL designers sought to bring back elements of designs that would combine and compliment todays design influences and make them relevant. With this in mind, here is my own personal tribute to 'Modern Vintage'.

I found these amazing high-waisted wool trousers that inspired this enitire blog. The trousers are the Hell Bop - HB Zach (black) trousers by SL designer Floatie Hock. They feature inverted air pleats on the front and Y-style leather braces (suspenders). To make them relevant for modern vintage I wanted to show the socks and garters that I selected to style this ensemble, so I did a little editing on them and lifted the pant length to just below the knee-line, and then added prim cuffs that I covered in a ribbed knitted woolen texture.

Hat & Scarf: Graffitiwear - Black Unisex Hat and Scarf Set
Hair: Dura - Dura-Boy 31 Black
Pipe: Piddler's Perch - Antique Smoking Pipe
Shirt: Mr. Poet - Pleated Silk Shirt (Black)
Armwarmers: Dirty Little Secret - Mesh Armwarmers - Charcoal Strip
Trousers: Hell Bop Clothing - HB Zach Trousers (Black)
Trouser Cuffs: Hethwen Custom Scupt - Wool Charcoal Knit Cuffs
 Socks: Hell Bop Clothing - Men's Suspender Socks (Brown)
Footwear: Gabriel - Leather Bootie (Black)