Sunday, December 9, 2012

8 Designe - NEW SKIN - Carlo

8 Designe - New Release - Carlo
You've Never Felt So Good In Your Skin

I recently visited my friend Niky Dorben at 8 Designe skins in Second Life. She graciously toured me in the store and showed me the new releases. I quickly noticed that the designs were very detailed and well textured on EVERY skin that they carry at 8 Designe, and I found many unique specialty designs that are wonderful skins if you model in SL, or just want something special. The skins honestly speak for themselves, offering that 'cut above' look for the most distinguished tastes.
As you can see SL top skin designer Kun Soup of '8 Designe' skins has given strong attention to every detail of the new Carlo skin. Perfectly chisled features surround the shape of the body in exquisite detail offering the man who wears this skin the confidence that every eye will be on him any time he reveals his body. Swimsuit, modeling, or dancing at the club, this skin is sure to catch the eye of everyone. Smooth and seductive only one question remains -- Are you bold enough to be seen in this skin? I know once you are in this skin you will understand my title for this blog 'You've Never Felt So Good In Your Skin'.
Every inch of the skin offers magnificent richly textured detail. Sumptuously and expertly textured features surround CARLO, the new skin by Kun Soup of 8 Designe. So warm and inviting you might find that people want to reach out and touch it to see if your avatar is real. With this skin you will have that "look and feel of real." *winks* So what are you waiting for? Isn't it time to treat yourself or that special man in your life to something special? Hurry down to 8 Designe where CARLO is waiting for you !!!