Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Shiki - ECHOES

SHIKI Designs - 'ECHOES'
By Shinichi Mathy

I was talking with my friend Jamee Binder recently about an 'avant garde' models workshop that I recently was asked to facilitate -- a cooperative effort between Models Giving Back and the Dallas Models Corporation. For facilitating the workshop Jamee graciously gifted me a gift card to one of my top 5 favorite shops in Second Life. I went right down and reviewed the newest Fall/Winter lines at Shiki Designs. Shinichi Mathy (Owner) is a brilliant designer who I have come to trust and love. I asked Shinichi to blog one of the newest releases 'ECHOES', because I fell in love with it. This special collection was inspired by RL artist Vinn Wong's artwork and is a collaborative effort by Vinn Wong and Shiki's designer, Shinichi Mathy. For more info on Vinn Wong's artwork, please check out his website at
Each piece of the 'ECHOES' suit is textured and designed by hand so you can feel confident that you have something unique. 'ECHOES' is a suit with great design, and lavish texturing. Fine detail was given to the textures applications by Shinichi to offer us this laid-back and very stylish ensemble. 'ECHOES' includes 4 sizes and will fit most avatars. I suggest that if you are new to using mesh clothing to please try the demo version before you purchase it if you are unsure of the fit. The amazing thing that this suit offers is the freedom of ability. You can dress this up or dress this down depending on your need. If you have any special event to attend in SL this season this suit is a must have staple for your wardrobe. 'ECHOES' comes with several options to help you mix and match with your other clothing. Shirts and tops usually come on all layers (i.e. jacket, shirt, underwear). If you like your shirt tucked inside your pants, simply wear the shirt or undershirt layer with the underwear layer. If not, simply wear the jacket layer.
Please take a moment to join the Shiki Design group. Once you become a member, you will be entitled to exclusive monthly gifts as well as specials exclusive to the Shiki group. Be the first to know about Shiki's events, sales and fashion shows. Search for SHIKI DESIGNS under groups in search and join. It's Free to join and if you have not had your chance to visit, go now -- you won't regret it.
For a direct teleport now to the store please click here and remember you must be signed into Second Life to receive the teleport.
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Shiki Design is also proud to welcome ASKA Shapes. ASKA specializes in Asian-inspired shapes. ASKA is located inside the Shiki Main store. Please visit them to see how you can enhance and perfect your look. The SHIKI SIM includes a number of high-quality shops as well as a beautiful cafe. We invite you to make yourself comfortable and roam the streets of SHIKI. A magical place to find everything you need.