Thursday, October 4, 2012

Vero Modero Atlay Mesh Male Set RED

Falls 'Fashion Forward' Future - Vero Modero - 'Altay' Mesh Male Set (Red)

Last Spring Second Life (SL) was introduced to that new thing called Mesh. We entered the Spring fashion season with an eyebrow up and a slight, but healthy, skepticism. The seasons have turned and we now enter Fall. We have learned that Mesh is like a beloved friend and with this new addition that still includes prims and sculpts -- mesh is a pleasant gift to all of us. Practical mesh offers for quick and spotless fashion fits, and it affords its creators amazing capabilites with texturing that had not been possible through the use of prims or sculpts. But where have we, as a fashion community, come since mesh was introduced? Who has been the stand out designers who have embraced mesh and moved SL fashion into its future, adding contributive excellence in the world of fashion? Well, I'll tell you, one of those designers is Bouquet Babii who owns and is the designer for Vero Modero. I adore her creative brilliance, and today I offer you a look at one of her newest releases for the Fall lines, 'Altay'.

Bouquet Babii hand crafted the 'Atlay' offering us the bold looks of comfotable style and relaxed sophistication. The white mesh hoodie is coupled with a white tank allowing you the plush freedom to wear this to a variety of functions. The pants are a drop-crotch peg-leg mesh that has become the most popular style in SL fashion today. The pants feature a sleek hand painted vine design reminiscent of the worlds most gifted designers including Versace, Chanel, and Mackie.

Atlay comes with two different wrap around scarves offering you a choice of styles to complete your look. Atlay is must have for every wardrobe. It's laid back style and sophisticated elegance example the art of true design skills only found in the talents of Bouquet Babii. Who doesn't want to look great and know with full confidence that they look their very best? Atlay is the perfect anytime ensemble for you. A few accessory changes and you can dress it up or dress it down depending on the occasion.

If you have not been to Vero Modero to see all the latest releases, I invite you to come and experience the future of fashion. Walk the entire Vero Modero store. You will find the the most amazing fashion treasures, some GREAT groupgifts, great staff ready to help you, and this ensemble -- Atlay! Hurry ladies and gentlemen... the future of fashion awaits you, and you will only find 'Atlay' at Vero Modero.


Clothing by Bouquet Babii - Vero Modero - Altay Mesh Male Set (Red)
Footwear by Skura Fhang - Gizza - White Mesh Sports Shoes
Jewelry by Belle Roussel - Chop Zuey Couture Jewelry - My Father's Heart Bracelet & Earring,
and Dauphine Platinum Men's Wedding Band
Eyes by Lano Ling - Poetic Colors - Pearl - Columbia
Hair by Chiaki Xue - Dura - The 2nd Anniversary Hair
Hairbase by Aeon Jiminy - No.07 - Army Black
Makeup by Aida Ewing - Tableau Vivant - Lashes Alpha
Skin by Ramses Meredith - Egoisme - Davide