Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ruca Tease

The Last Days of Summer - RUCA TEASE - New Mesh Casuals

As summer winds down and we turn the seasons to Fall. We all love to shop in our favorite SL shops looking for the newest releases and best clothing on the grid. Bonadea Colbalt recently invited me to see the NEW Ruca Tease and let me tell you -- AMAZING TALENTS are two words that come to mind. The creative talents of Roscko and and his wife Bonadea Colbalt (owners) are seen through the entire store. Their perfect eye for detail is seen in everything from their clothing to their exquisite new purses and even their full animations bath towels. The NEW towels are a must see and must have item. The towels are available in 9 differnt color and at an afforadable 50L each you will want to grab them all. Bonadea also showed me Roscko's *NEW* men's mesh design and I loved this so much I had to blog it.

Roscko Cobalt shows complete design artisitry in the new mens mesh line. Exampled here are two of my new and most loved pieces, now available at Ruca Tease. An exquisite men's black dress shirt perfectly textured with a black on black jacquard floral wrap around design gives you the ability to style this shirt for a variety of occasions. Roscko's attention to detail is seen in the plaid cuffs, matching collar and front button panel.

The new mesh jeans are warmly textured and offer a relaxed and stylish look. With mesh, you just cannot go wrong. Mesh offers you the perfect fit without all the fuss of prim fitting. Put on any Ruca Tease mesh item and you can wear it in total confidence that you will have a perfect fit and look so good that everyone around you will be asking "Who's that guy"?

That feeling... like no other. You wake up and the sun is out... you think for a moment that there will only be a last few good days to summer. You jump out of bed and rush to shower and then run to your closet. You remember your favorite pair of jeans, and as you pull them on you smile softly knowing there is nothing like the feel of that perfect fitting pair of jeans. You rush out the door and smell the still cool morning air and smile to greet the new day -- the last perfect day of summer. No one has to tell you that you look good, you know you look good in your Ruca Tease new mesh casuals. Men, hurry to Ruca Tease where the new mesh casuals await you!

Clothing: Ruca Tease - Mesh Jeans (normal fit)  and Black Dress Shirt.
Jewelry: Chop Zuey Couture Jewelry - Don Quixote Men's Necklace,
The Gentleman Caller Ring, Dauphine Platinum Men's Wedding Band
Watch: Ruca Tease Men's Watch
Footwear: Yasum - Legal Trash Sneakers (Grunge Cream)
Hair: LoQ - Ouzo (Black)
Hairbase: No.07 - Army Black
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Pearl - Columbia (Medium Bright)
Skin - Egoisme - Evian - Davide Tan/Bald