Monday, October 22, 2012

Ruca Tease Mannequin Vendor

Ruca Tease - Mannequin Vendor


I recently found one of the smartest applications of SL technology available for vendors and was so impressed that I not only got the set, I want to blog and share it with all of you. If you are a designer or clothing vendor then this will be a must have for you. Roscko Cobalt of Ruca Tease has invented an instore mannequin and is now making it available to everyone. This is not just a plain mannequin -- this one comes in both male and female forms that offer some pretty amazing features.

The features include;
Multiple products in one vendor
Made with mesh
14 prims
Option to add split profit with other avatars
Gives out demos of your products if available
Gives out information notecard of products if available
Gives web link to your choice of url (site, blog, marketplace store, etc.)

Rezzes out temp clothing accessories and prims included with outfit (cuffs, collars, etc.) *Temp Prims cut down on your land prim usage, good for flexi skirts etc, but to cut down on lag its recommended not to have too many vendors rezzing temp prims. 4 vendors is more than enough to showcase your clothing and accessories.  It is a multi-item vendor.

Easy NoteCard configuration
Uses default avatar clothing templates (upper-body and lower-body with mannequin layer added in photoshop or gimp)
Option to IM owner on purchases
Option to check permissions on objects in vendor
Group Joiner
more features included in future updates
Mannequins are custom shaped and posed for best clothing render results

What's in the box:

Ruca Tease - Channel Generator - Generates random channels to use with your vendor
Make Yourself Creator Of The Rezzed Items - Open Me - Used to create the rezzer prim for the items you will be rezzing out for your outfits.
Ruca Tease Mannequin Vendor 1.0 (MALE) - Male version of the vendor
Ruca Tease Mannequin Vendor 1.0 (FEMALE) - Female version of the vendor
Mannequin Clothing Layers - TEMPLATES - The layer templates that will be placed under your clothing layers.
USER MANUAL - The instruction manual
Updater - rez me to check 4 Update - When rezzed, it will check the update server for newer version. If there is an update it will send you the updated Vendor. Depending on server load it might take a few secs.


To get a full and better understanding of how the system works, please visit the video tutorial or and all of these topics will be shown in detail. This video will also include how to use the provided mannequin templates that come with it in Photoshop.

For information on creating the actual clothing textures for the mannequin (-upper & -lower), please see the accompanying video tutorial.