Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ruca Tease Flora Gown

RUCA TEASE - Some Enchanted Evening - Flora Evening Gown
Heth's Haute Model and Guest Blogger: Lameria

He calls you and tells you only to "be ready at seven". The excitment of an evening in the city. The real you seems to come alive when you are out at night. After you pamper yourself and select the perfect attire, you turn to look into your full length mirror and a smile covers your face. Bonadea Colbalt of Ruca Tease has done it again. Your hands slide over the gown letting you feel the tactile senuous raw silk. You reach to your vanity and grab the perfect perfume -- and at that moment your doorbell rings. You greet him in the foyer and he is awe struck. "You are a vision of exquisite beauty as if the angels dressed you. That dress is amazing darling. Where did you find it"?  You begin to tell him as he extends his arm and walks you down to his chauffeur driven limo. You arrive to have dinner directly across from the theatre. He slides two front row center tickets to see your favoite musical. After the performance he leads you to the rooftop of the theatre where he has reserved a private gazebo with beautiful flowers and candles. He walks you into the gazebo and takes you into his arms. Music fills the air surrounding you -- and he sings sweet love songs in your ear. There is nothing like having the man of your dreams holding you in his arms under a star-filled sky singing to you. He could pour out all of the earths oceans into a single seashell, or count every star in a midnight sky... and it is that moment you know -- you look your ultimate best because you have on a Ruca Tease Couture Collection gown.

Bonadea Colbalt of Ruca Tease appropriately named this gown "Flora". She brilliantly crafted this original work of art in real life, hand painting the floral designs herself. Flora is a mesh gown with flexi that comes in 5 standard sizes, and the alpha layer is MOD. The lower half of the gown includes a brilliant stretchable resizer script that offers you a prim perfect couture fit.

This stunningly exquisite purple gown is made for any special occasion -- estate dinners, cocktail parties, or even a night that includes dinner and the theatre. The perfectly shaded purple gown includes an intricate hand painted floral motif that gently falls over the bodice and waistline and continues onto the gowns back. Brilliance in design, this gown is sure to win awards this year as one of Second Life's top designs. Deleicate and feminine, this gown will offer you an assertive assurance because you know when you wear Ruca Tease you wear the very best.

The full gown is crafted in richly warm raw silk that has been hand painted. The strapless neckline alludes to its sexy but richly modest contradiction. The long floating skirt and hand painted gentle silk overlay complete the look perfectly. Ladies, hurry to Ruca Tease where FLORA is waiting for you!

Gown: Ruca Tease - Flora (by: Bonadea Colbalt)
Jewelry: Chop Zuey Couture Jewelry
Rocinante's Curve - Earrings, Bracelet and Necklace (Silver and black Set)
Shoes: PB Classic Pumps (Purple)
Skin: AglyS - Gaia Mocha 7
Shape: Hethwen - Lameria
Hair: LoQ Hair - Ouzo (Black)
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Pearl
Eyelashes: Tableau Vivant - Alpha Lashes
Eyelashes: Elfengrounds - Prim Lashes
Fingernails: Synthetique - Medium Fierce Nails (size 20)