Monday, April 16, 2012

Champagne Sparkling Couture - SMART

Champagne Sparkling Couture - SMART (Dark Grey)

Fashionable, relaxed, elegant and chic. SMART is sophisticated elegance in flawless deisgn. If you are out for a special evening or just need to look great for that special event, the 'Smart' by Enzo Champagne of Champagne Sparkling Couture is a smart staple to include in your wardrobe. Men who look SMART have an animal magnetism about them. Now you can be that smartly styled man with CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion's outfit! SMART is true to its name. This is for the man who is chic, sophisticated, and confident.

This cozy velour ensemble begins with the jacket which has a deep V opening in the front and is trimmed in a rich brocade embroidery. The bold detail of this jacket continues with side pockets and a single button which is fastened, but leaves much to the imagination! A very unique shawl/scarf with gems adorns the shoulders and tapers to a V on both sides, with satin tassles hanging down from each side. The matching velour trousers are simple but complimentary, with a relaxed fit.

Are you a charming seducer? A man of adventure and aggression when it comes to getting his own way? The King of your Castle? What are you waiting for? It's perfect for the winter months -- warm, inviting, and sexy. SMART is available in brown, emeraude (light green), dark grey, and rubis(red). It is available on the marketplace and in world at Champagne Sparkling Couture.