Thursday, September 27, 2012

Heth's Haute for SL

HOUSE of RFYRE - Venetian Series - Nigel

Raven Pennyfeather of HOUSE of RFYRE is pleased to introduce he latest creation in the Venetian series 'Nigel', a sensuous ensemble brought to you in mesh.

I spoke with Raven this morning just before she was planning to release this ensemble she sent the collection to me and shared a poem that helped inspire this creation. - - -

"We dreamed what ghosts of vanished loves made part
 Of that sweet light and trembling, amorous air.
 I felt in those rich beams that kissed your hair,
 Those breezes, warm with bygone lovers' sighs-
 All the dead beauty of Venice in your eyes,
 All the old loves of Venice in my heart. "
                     By John Hay - 10/8/1838-7/1/1905

Astonishing details cover the jacket front and back. True artistry and perfection in design. This is released just in time for the late summer gatherings. Perfect for a special night out, a gift for your special man, or a just as a special treat to yourself ... becuase you KNOW you have been wanting something special to kick that wardrobe you've worn over and over again. The Nigel will be sure to be noticed and get people talking. everyone will ask you where you found this outift. Where will you find it? Only at HOUSE of RFYRE. The ensemble comes to you boxed and once you open it the folder includes a variety of wonderful options in sizes and styles choices. You can wear the jacket with or without the fishnet shirt. It comes with black leather pants, belt, and jacket sizes S = XL.

Available in Crimson (top), Black (above left), and Midnight (above right). So what are you waiting for? Be one of the first to wear the Nigel by Raven Pennyfeather. TP to RFYRE now and get yours.


Hedo Fashion - Summer of Sexy Kings

Shopping at Hedo Fashion last night with my friend Gjools, and it came back to me. A year ago I found Hedo Fallen standing in his shop and we talked. I was new to SL (and looking it) and Hedo took the time to make suggestions and offer me some advice. I took Hedo up on all that he wisely suggested and he was right. Hedo told me that no matter the clothes, it is the man behind the AV that matters. Noble and wise words that have stayed with me. Hedo continually offers SL the most sexy and dynamic men's clothing available on the grid, making us all feel and look like sexy kings.


Hair: Dura - Dura-Bou*31
Sunglasses: SZD black
Earrings: Chop Zuey - Templar Cross
Earrings & Ring: Rozoregalia
Ring: Chop Zuey Couture Jewelry - Appache Fire
Ring: Culture Jewelry - Black Leather Solitare
Ring: Chop Zuey Couture Jewelry - Templar Cross
Ring: Micbo Beaumont - Platine with Sapphires
Ring: BastChild Designs - Silver and White Sapphires
Ring: Bandit - Roma - Endless Ring of Sapphires
Shirt: Hedo - Crown
T Shirt: Tank - Schwarz
Necklace: Gabriel - Crest
Pants: Hedo - Otis
Belt: (layer #1) Rfyre
Belt: (layer #2) Crickets - Ryan open belt
Boots: Yasum - London Step


Chop Zuey Couture Jewelry - The 'Orion' Fibula

fibula  (ˈfɪbjʊlə) - fib·u·la [fib-yuh-luh] - noun, plural fib·u·lae. 1. a metal brooch resembling a safety pin, often highly decorated, common in Europe after 1300 bc.  - - - Timeless elegance revisted. Belle Roussel is the owner and designer of the jewelry found in Chop Zuey Couture Jewelry. She includes among her impressive range of jewelry timeless treasures and keepsakes like the fibula ORION shown here.
People ask me every day what jewelry I am wearing. One answer... Chop Zuey Couture Jewlery ~ The most loved jewelry on the grid. I started collecting pieces of Belle's jewelry through her group gifts. I had joined her group last year and was plesantly shocked to find such elegant pieces offered as group gifts. Then I hit the floor of the main store and walked. Before I knew it I had spent over 2 hours looking at the most impressive collection of jewelry available on the grid. From the most simple daywear to the must have mouth dropping, Belle has designed it and placed it in Chop Zuey for all to enjoy. When I competed in Mr. Avatar World 2012, I contacted Belle first to ask for her advice on jewelry selections and help. She kindly helped me style every outfit I wore and it got me to Top 5 after several weekly competitions. If you are looking for the casual classics to wear every day, something to wear while shopping or lounge in by the pool, a special engagement ring or wedding set for your special day, a tiara or crown for your coronation, or the most elegant gifts of jewelry you can find... There is only one place you must go. Chop Zuey Couture Jewelry, where you can always find the most precious treasures for yourself... and a little something for everyone special in your Second Life.


Mohna Lisa Couture - Massimo - A Royal Ball

There is a certain romantic feeling that comes over you the moment you step into Mohna Lisa Couture. The NEW Massimo by Mohna embodies the elegance of that romance of 'Once Upon a Time'. For this special occasion we find Prince Silvano and Prince Hethwen escorting the lovely Princess Vich and Princess Druscilla to a royal ball.

Hethwen is seen here, waiting to leave for the royal ball. Prince Hethwen is wearing the 'Massimo' in red by Mohna Lisa Couture. Every detail of the Massimo is a mark of design perfection, making the Massimo one of SL's finest garments. Now, come along on an adventure as we look into the tale of 'A Royal Ball'.

The carriage ride to the royal ball finds everyone adorned in thier best. Mohna Lisa Couture offers a variety of stunningly handsome suits for gentlemen and elegant gowns for the ladies. If you are going to a formal event, Mohna Lisa Couture is your one stop shop. Mohna also carries an amazing collection of casual and daywear. Stop by and visit the store and see for yourself. You are sure to find everything you love.

Sophisticated elegance joined with superior design quality are offered in each selection that you will find at Mohna Lisa Couture. Princess Vichonette is seen here wearing the Lady Deveraux in rouge, Princess Druscilla is seen here wearing the Frederico in Jalopeno. Prince Silvano and Prince Hethwen are both seen here in the Massimo in blue and red.

As the Lords and Ladies arrive to the royal ball they are announced as they enter. Here we see the handsome Prince Silvano Korobase and the beautiful Princess Vichonette Constantine making thier way to the top of the royal staircase to be announced and welcomed into the ball.
Being announced and descending the grand staircase into the ballroom. Prince Silvano and Princess Vichonette look stunning attired in their Mohna Lisa Couture.

Princess Vichonette is seen here wearing the Lady Deveraux in rouge.
With Princess Vichonette and Princess Druscilla safely in their carriages on their way back to their palace, Prince Silvano and Prince Hethwen prepare for the rest of thier evening as they leave the royal ball.
 With just one look ... one very deep long look, they both knew. Their evening was not over, it was about to begin. They had admired one another from their first moment when they were shopping at Mohna Lisa Couture, selecting their new suits for the royal ball. They happened to have selected the same suit... one blue, one red. Showing each other that their tastes were similar and that they both love only the best. Now we won't promise you that you will land a handsome prince shopping at Mohna Lisa Couture, but we will promise you impeccable style, brilliant designs, and the best customer service available on the grid. Come experience the magic for yourself. There is no other place like Mohna Lisa Couture.


Jewelry By Jake - The Fabergé Collection

The Artistry, Romance and Legend of Fabergé comes to Jewelry by Jake. Friends... now for the rare and exquisite. I was visitng a jewelry store in SL recently and tunred to find one of the most amazing collections of womens jewelry I had ever laid my eyes on. The store, Jewelry by Jake. The collection, The Fabergé Collection. Those of you who know me well, know that I collect Fabergé eggs in SL. After chatting with the store owner Jake, he gifted me 2 of the most beautiful Fabergé eggs I have in my collection. Now, lets take a peek into Jewelry by Jake.

One of the most beautiful ways to open a collection of jewelry is from within a specially craft box. Jake Kearny is a jewelry designer who knows and understands the art of gift giving. Jake has hand crafted this magnificent box to enable you to gift your beloved something very special. Jake has been in SL for a little over five and a half years now. Enjoying his success with his beautiful SL partner; Sommes Discovolante (modeling the Fabergé Collection below). One of the kindest people I have met in months, Jake is a very gifted designer who offers SL one of the most exclusive houses of jewelry on the grid. As you venture through his store you begin to realize the true talents he holds as a skilled craftsman.

You just can't wear it enough.. as in history it's always the object of bidding wars.. "it seems to have consumed them all". Introducing The Fabergé Collection! Luxurious offerings in diamonds & Pearls. The Fabergé Collection comes with a special  Fabergé egg hidden inside. Touch it to release the magic inside. The collections include the Necklace, Earrings, 2 Bracelets, and 1 Belly ring.  To change the colors on this collection just touch the piece and select COLOR. Modeled here by the lovely Sommes Discovolante in beautful blue gems, you can see the stones that are color changeable affording the most discriminating stylist a perfect color match to any gown.
Elegance defined. Diamonds and pearls... any woman would treasure these precious gifts.The hoop earrings are surrounded by progression sized pearls and centered with a large emerald cut diamond stone that is color changeable.
A triple strand of progression sized pearls, weaves around elegant marquis diamonds, offering its wearer one of the most brilliant and sophisticated jewelry selections available on the grid. 
One of the most fabulous features of this collection is this bracelet set. Two bracelets of triple strand pearls embelished with diamonds that could be worn with the entire collection or by itself to dress up a casual outfit to make it chic. A staple to every woman's jewelry collection and can be worn with a pair of jeans, or that little black dress, these bracelets will go with everything.
Echoing the elegance and style of the collection, Jake offers us a fun piece styled with every bit of detail offered in the additional pieces found in this collection. This flirty and elegant belly ring is sure to draw the eye of every gentleman.
One of the secret gifts of this collection is this flawless crystal Fabergé egg. Just when you think you have seen all of the treats offered in this collection, one last hidden treasure awaits within this specially crafted and decorative egg. I won't spoil the suprise for you but I will tell you that what awaits for you when you open this egg is a breathtaking treat sure to bring a smile to your face. All of the jewelry is transferable for gifting, and all of this and more await you at Jewelry by Jake. Your carriage ride awaits... and I hope you enjoy the adventure. A very sincere thank you to Jake for his freindship and kindness... (Jake, SL needs more people like you).


! RFyre - Rahm

The 2012 Fantasy Faire is going on right now in SL through April 29th. while attended this event I found one of my favorite vendors had a shop set up so I ventured in to look at some of Raven Pennyfeather's new 2012 Spring line for RFyre. The moment I was inside I looked across the room and saw this suit (Rahm) and it took my breath. I blog, Facebook, and do multiple websites and I get most of what I wear in SL free. NOT this suit. I could have asked Raven I am sure, but when I studied this suit, I felt strongly that it was worth every linden that Raven was asking for it. She EARNED it. It is rare that I am impressed like this, but I encourage all my readers to visit Rfyre and look for yourself. The texturing is amazing, in that this is not a mesh suit. Flawless detail was giving to the structural design. Definitely unique and sure to make people ask... "Where did you get that suit"? This suit is the perfect treat for yourself to enhance that "perfect suit" in your wardrobe, or perfect gift.

Exquisite detail is given in every possible place. Laces on the wrists, stunning jacket chains, peak lapel, and elegant shoulder pads blend the Rahm into one of the seasons most stunning suits. Beautifully textured slacks are accentuated with a three-button drop waist design that brings a sensuous look with superior styling.

Style Card
Suit:  Rfyre - Rahm
Footwear: Hoorenbeek - Regal
Jewelry: Chop Zuey couture Jewelry - Vagabond Men's Ring
Hair: Cheerno - Max
MakeUp: Sorry Asia


The Hamptons

Nestled on the "south fork" of the famous Southhampton, we find Heth just arriving at his summer home. The Hamptons form a popular seaside resort, one of the historical Summer Colonies of the American Northeast. They have some of the most expensive residential properties in the U.S. "Traveling in the Hamptons you have to look good, but clothing must also be functional and sometimes utilitarian". Here we see Heth sporting a casual yet sophisitcated look.

Style Card
Jacket: SF Designs
Shirt: Mango
Eyewear: SF Designs
Slacks: Sartoria (Positano)
Belt: Sartoria (Regent)
Footwear: Gabriel
Jewelry: Chop Zuey Couture Jewelry


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